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LD-Power FA 2208-1300KV Brushless Motor for fixed Wing Aircraft

Out Of Stock LD-Power FA 2208-1300KV Brushless Motor for fixed Wing Aircraft

The FA range of motors from LDPOWER are a high quality brushless motor with competitive price tag, the FA range have a hardened steel shaft giving the shaft extra strength, high precision CNC machining center giving less vibration and thus better reliability/life of the motor, the copper wire used in the stator is of a higher quality of motors of this price range, only high quality magnets are used then laminated to 0.2mm to improve the efficiency of the motor, two over-sized NSK ball bearings are used in construction imported from Japan, the motors case is designed to naturally cool the motor when running.

Motor Overview

  • Motor Model - LD-Power FA2208-1300KV
  • Can Size - 28x24mm
  • Stator Size - 22x8mm
  • Shaft Size - 3.175mm
  • Weight - 48g
  • KV - 1300
  • Voltage - 7.4-14.8v 2-4 cell
  • MAX Current - 25A
  • MAX Power - 370w
  • Propeller options - 8030/8043/9050/12x6/12 (larger prop for smaller cell count)
  • Accessories included (see picture)
  • N/P Magnets - 12N/14P
  • Connectors - 3.5mm Bullet Connectors

Voltage (V)Prop sizeThrottle (%)Load Current (A)Power (W)RPMThrust (G)Efficiency (G/W)


30% 2.3826.41856881937.31
50%4.8153.3917316338 6.33
65%6.8275.702 82544355.75
100%14.71163.281 106427544.62



Voltage (V)Prop sizeThrottle (%)Load Current (A)Power (W)RPMThrust (G)Efficiency (G/W)



65% 10.02148.296100806724.53
100% 22.86338.3281293311353.35


45% 6.4895.90476165415.64
50% 7.58112.18479655945.29
65% 12.54185.59294048234.43
85%21.85322.936 10820 1114 3.45 
100% 28.35419.5811081 11632.77 
Brushless Motor Selection.

The easiest way of choosing a motor is using a weight to power ratio, first thing you need to think of is your style of flying you wish to perform this will indicate how many watts (power) you will require per pound of weight (lb) a good starting point would be 50-80w/lb (watts) for light power gliders, Trainers, basic park flyers, 80-120w/lb for Sport flying, acrobatics, Warbird, 120-180w/lb for aggressive Aerobatics 3d, EDF jets, 180w+/lb for Extreme 3d, competition, faster Jets.

So now we now know how many watts we need per pound of weight, if you're unsure of the flying weight of the plane then weigh the model parts and add 40% for the motor/esc/lipo etc use this as a guide.

We now know the watts needed and the weight of your plane, we can now look at the motors, for example I have a model that weighs 1lb its a new model so I don't have the "flying weight" just the weight of the frame so I'll add 40% so the model weight is now 1.4lb I want to do general flying with some mild Aerobatics so I'll go for 100w per lb so 1.4lb x 100w = 140w so I now know I need a motor that can deliver 140 watts, so I now look at the motor listing find a motor that can deliver 140 watts at about 40%-70% throttle this will leave me plenty of power in reserve.

The KV is also an important consideration when choosing a motor, if the motor is for a high speed plane delta wing / funjet etc, then a high KV that spins a smaller prop faster would be the right choice, for slow flying, high drag Trainer type planes a low KV that spins a bigger prop would be a better option.

Speed Controller Selection

To select a speed controller for the motor you have selected look at how many Amps are being pulled when your throttle is at 100% on the motor table (Load Current A) then add 40% so if at 100% throttle your motor pulls 50 amps you need a 70 Amp Speed Controller (40% of 50 = 20 so 20+50 = 70) this will take into consideration any current spikes to save damaging your ESC.

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