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Corona DS-561WP BB Digital Metal Gear Servo Water Proof 10.0kg / 0.16sec / 63.6g For RC Boats

Corona DS-561WP BB Digital Metal Gear Servo Water Proof 10.0kg / 0.16sec / 63.6g For RC Boats

Corona DS-561WP BB Digital Metal Gear Servo Water Proof 10.0kg / 0.16sec / 63.6g

Waterproof 64g Digital metal gear servo.

Corona cutting-edge waterproof servos designed to power your RC boats and any other model where water-tight performance is paramount. Embrace the elements and take your RC adventures to the next level with our premium waterproof servos, engineered to deliver flawless operation even in the most challenging aquatic environments. Whether you're an RC boating enthusiast or a model maker seeking reliability in wet conditions, our versatile waterproof servos offer unparalleled functionality, precision, and longevity.

Ball bearing
Digital, with MOSFET Drive
Metal gearing
High Speed and High Torque
Waterproof, great for cars and boats

Corona Digital Servo DS-561WP Water Proof
Size: 41.8x20x40.8mm
Weight: 63.6g
Operating Voltage: 4.8V/6.0V
Operating Current: 300mA / 400mA
Operating speed: 0.18sec.60º / 0.16sec.60º
Stall torque:
Dead brand: ≤3uSec
Operating speed: 40°/one side pulse traveling
Potentiometer: High Precision
Ball bearing: MR106/MR126
Gear: Metal
Connector wire length: 300mm
Operating Temperature Range: -20℃ to +60℃

When it comes to achieving exceptional performance without breaking the bank, look no further than Corona servos, Corona offers a winning combination of affordability and reliability, making it the go-to choice for hobbyists building RC Aircraft. Corona servos strike the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and dependable performance and this is why they have been manufacturing servos since 2006.

One of the standout features of Corona servos is their versatility. Available in different sizes and torque ratings, these servos cater to the diverse needs of hobbyists, engineers, and educators. From Micro 6g servos for compact projects to larger variants for more substantial applications, Corona has a servo for every purpose.

Corona understands the importance of a hassle-free experience, even during setup. Their servos come with standard mounting holes and connectors, making installation a breeze. No more worrying about compatibility issues or complicated configurations – with Corona, you can get your project up and running in no time.

Corona servos may be affordable, but they don't compromise on performance. With a focus on torque, speed, and accuracy, these servos can handle a wide range of applications with ease. Whether you need precise control for delicate maneuvers or robust power for heavy-duty tasks, Corona servos rise to the occasion, ensuring optimal functionality and performance across various projects.

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