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Frsky Modules

Frsky Modules

Frsky 2.4 Ghz Conversion modules for RC Transmitters making it a simple and affordable process to convert your existing 35Mhz Transmitter to 2.4Ghz. 

All the latest Frsky modules come with Telemetry and are designed to match the extensive range of Frsky Receivers we stock.

If you have a Futaba - Hitec module based Transmitter then use the Frsky DFT module, for JR module based Transmitters then use the Frsky DJT module, for all others use the Frsky DHT Internal module or "Hack - DIY" module.

If you need any help in choosing the correct module then get in touch we will be happy to help.

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CORONA Corona 2.4GHz DIY DSSS transmitting module and receiver CT8Z+CR8D

Corona 2.4Ghz CT8Z DIY Module & CR8D 2.4GHz DSSS 8CH ReceiverFeatures:    Upgrade..

Ex Tax: £24.99
Frsky DHT - DIY Telemetry Module Out Of Stock

Frsky DHT - DIY Telemetry Module

Frsky DHT - DIY Telemetry ModuleThe DHT Transmitter Module is a great option for radios that can not..

Ex Tax: £19.00

Frsky XJT 16ch Plug In Module JR/Graupner

Frsky XJT 16ch Module JR/GraupnerThe XJT telemetry transmitter module is compatible with the JR styl..

Ex Tax: £29.33
Transmitter Module Case DIY BOX Out Of Stock

Transmitter Module Case DIY BOX

Transmitter Module Case DIY BOXThis is an emply module case, Ideal for those that wish to create the..

Ex Tax: £2.49