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Frsky Announcement

Posted by Graham 22/02/2019 0 Comment(s)

Today Frsky sent out an E-mail and also few posts on Social Media relating to several Frsky copies popping up, if you're unsure then only buy from Authorized Dealers as you can see RC life is listed as a Frsky Authorised Dealer so buy with confidence knowing your product won't stop working after an update! have a read of the E-mail below, and follow the link to see Authorised dealers-



Dear FrSky customers,

Recently, we have come across many counterfeits in the market. Some illegitimate manufacturers are utilizing the FrSky brand and FrSky intellectual property in the unlicensed production and sale without the permission or license from FrSky.

If you believe you may have purchased one of these unauthorized products and proceed to use it with our transmitters than the user risks an unreliable signal resulting in the possible loss of your model. Furthermore, these products and some so-called unauthorized FrSky compatible products will also become rendered incompatible with FrSky’s authorized products and FrSky’s latest firmware updates soon. FrSky will NOT offer any service or support on unauthorized products.

If you have any question on the legitimacy of your FrSky product, you can go to the FrSky website ( to check out our full line of authorized products, or consult the FrSky technical support team to help single out the differences between certified products and counterfeits.

The actions by these manufacturers are illegal and have infringed upon FrSky’s trademark rights and intellectual property. FrSky reserve the rights to take the further legal action on any unlicensed manufactures and imposed compensation of financial losses.

Last but not least, the FrSky team sincerely appreciates the constant trust and support from our customers!

Thank you!
FrSky Electronic Co., Ltd.

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