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Rotor Riot UK dealer

Posted by Graham 29/10/2018 0 Comment(s)

Rotor Riot UKWho is Rotor Riot?

Rotor Riot is a collection of the most passionate, talented and knowledgeable mini quad pilots from around the world. We get together regularly to make content that represents our culture. We are always striving to entertain, educate and inspire people through kick-ass content!


So RClife is now a Rotor Riot partner here in the UK, so you can now order Rotor Riot products from the UK and not wait for delivery from the US, Rotor Riot are great at creating hype and a frenzy around the products they develop and this is no bad thing, Rotor Riots products are developed by pilots and great pilots at that, they are often seen pushing the limits of what quads can do, and Rotor Riots you tube channel is well worth a visit if you've not been!



Companies like Rotor Riot who court controversy are needed because they push the envolope of the hobby and their marketing is on point which will only encourage more people into the hobby and make it more mainstream if you wondering what I'm talking about head over to their youtube/insta/facebook.


Also Rotor Riots CLI frame is worthy of a mention taken from their site-

An original air frame that everyone can afford. The CL1, was designed in collaboration with the Rotor Riot community. We took pilots’ input and implemented their what they wanted into this design. Low cost, durable, and functional.


  • Community collaborated design
  • High strength carbon fiber pieces
  • True-x arm lay out
  • 5 inch prop support
  • Forward facing motor protection
  • Mounting holes for both 30.5×30.5 and 20×20 boards
  • Additional 20×20 mounting in rear section
  • Slots for accessory mounting


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