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4mm Heatshrink Yellow 1 Meter

4mm Heatshrink Yellow 1 Meter

4mm Heatshrink Yellow 1 meter

4mm Yellow Heat Shrink Tubing: Heat shrink tubing is a type of thermoplastic material used to insulate and protect electrical wires and connections. It comes in various diameters, and in this case, we are referring to a 4mm diameter tubing. The "yellow" in the description indicates the color of the heat shrink tubing, which can be helpful for color-coding different wires or connections for easy identification.

length of heatshrink Yellow 1meter long.

Size: 4mm (diameter when not shrunk).

Operating temperature: Heat shrink tubing is suitable for a wide range of operating temperatures, providing protection in both low and high-temperature environments.

Electrical insulation: It offers excellent electrical insulation, safeguarding wires and connections from short circuits and other electrical issues.

Water-resistant: Heat shrink tubing helps protect against moisture and other environmental factors, enhancing the reliability of connections.

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